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About me

The world of sex simulation continues to erupt. For the creators of Kinky Emulator, immersive is only the beginning of an all-out blitz of erotic intimacy so real, you may disavow the real world. Kinky Emulator is the latest sex simulator to attach itself to a growing sex simulation market.

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But what makes it different from the rest? And is it worth your time? A sexual singularity is upon us.

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And many are taking advantage. Sex simulators are quantifiably replacing traditional porn.

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While there are all types of girls readily willing to be subdued by your dominance, nearly all of them are soft beauties that would turn he at your local Starbucks. In other words, you can feel you are engaging in agreed-upon sex slavery, or create the environment of a random hookup gone insanely mad. Kinky Emulator allows you complete command over your sex slave right from the beginning.

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The Kinky Emulator user interface is a simple process that anyone can use as their conceptualizer. Sex simulation relies heavily on the speed of the host which serves it. If servers are sluggish, the fantasy collapses.

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Any technical delays or video pixelation or choppy voices pull the drape away from the wizard. I interacted with Kinky Emulator sex slaves for over three hours straight and experienced no lag.

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I should make clear, my Internet connection is fast. The road is now paved for sex simulation to become a normal endeavor for adult fans.

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And of course, for those porn fans who decidedly avoid admitting to being porn fans. The interactive sex simulation concept plows over a regular porn video experience.

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Who wants to watch when they can actively participate in the fun? The platform is built for guys who want to create a complete sex slave dungeon from the comforts of their own homes and with no risks. The web is now ripe for those who seeker a more intimate virtual experience. Sex simulation allows people of all types to experience fantasies otherwise swept away by moralists.

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