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The Academy Part 3 from VDategames Open a thread in this section is reserved for active members, read the rules before submit a game. Post a reply. Is the hype justified?

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Don't expect to have your life changed though. My critique would be that the game is a slow burn and you have a lot of seemingly arbitrary choices with the dialogue. The slow burn I don't mind so much but it does cause some pacing issues with building tension.

The dialogue problems are a little bit of a larger issue as the choices are often almost identical except for a single word or a rewording the exact same thing. For example you'll end a conversation and your dialogue choices will be "See you girls later", "See you ladies later", or "Yea, see you later".

The logic of this choice is that the "See you ladies later" choice is the most respectful one and gets you the points.

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It may be a good idea to put icons beside the conversation choices to clearly identify what emotion you are trying to convey with the different responses kind of like Dragon Age 2's dialogue selections. At the same time I've noticed the tendency to increase the difficulty on the games over at Vdate Anna would be a good example which is not a bad thing. At times I just feel like I have to read the responses over three times like I read exam questions to make sure that I know in minute detail what the response is actually trying to accomplish which again slows the flow of the game and affects the pacing.

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The responses are also similar because they are often presenting the illusion of choice, where the conversation has to progress to the same event no matter what selections you pick. The conversations themselves are often just a way to gain points although those points do impact what you can and can't do later in the game so they indirectly make choices on how the game progresses.

With that out of the way I still like it.

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It is a more ambitious game than we've seen from vdategames so far and with more ambition always comes more problems that arise from doing things differently. These problems can be worked out over subsequent games.

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There is genuine tension especially with trying to get away with as much as possible without getting fired. If you haven't started the game yet then I'd recommend waiting until all five parts are released and spend the money on a single month's subscription to get all five.

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It would defiantly be worth it that way. Didn't we have this discussion when Part 2 came out?

Thoughts to “april 8th update”

Has anyone compiled the end codes from Part 2, or do I need to go back and play through Part 1 again to get my Part 2 code, then play through Part 2 to get my Part 3 code? At the very least, do we know what options the game assumes if you use the "I forgot my code" option?

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The graphics are very good, and there is a lot of content. Having said that, there are so many girls, that there isn't enough time to explore them all fully, despite the length of the game - I think each of the girls could potentially have their own dedicated game.

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In terms of overall quality, I would rate this as one of the best games of this genre. Compare this to his sci-fi game, for instance.

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Can someone guide me on how to achieve the scenes with both of them. I am unable to achieve both Jodie scenes including the one in basement and gym.

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For amy again i get her lust high but when i get back to her in the barn she asks to leave and exchanges her no; no sex scenes. I think you have to skip getting the documents from the Principal's house and go with Amy and Holly instead, so you have to spend most of your free time working on your report instead to make up for it. I don't remember how to get Jodie's scenes, but if memory serves you pretty much have to hit every single one of her lust increases.