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Developer: Paper Waifu Consider supporting the dev if you like the game and want them to do what they love. Click on dev's link for more info. You play as Ichigo, a college junior in his third year. How will their paths cross? Now 17 in total, this is still incomplete! Are you sure?

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The first release of Summer In Springtime is here! This is a new short game from us that's been in the works for a couple of months now. You play as Ichigo, a college junior in his third year.

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He's focusing on his upcoming career in the promising field of sports therapy, and out of the blue, his childhood friend returns to his life! But he's already got a beautiful girlfriend, and a really hot ex-teacher to deal with!

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How will their paths cross? While we initially plan on keeping the game as a short, the game's development is still in progress, and there's a ton of room for expanding the game and the story after v1. Copyright Stuff Background art by MoulinBrush.

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We have acquired appropriate s for game assets where applicable. Assets with Creative Commons 0 public domain, no attribution needed used.

Summer in springtime v

Added 6 more special scenes in Ukyu's style! Now 23 in total, up to date with the original's special scenes! Added 7 more special scenes in Ukyu's style! Now 17 in total, this is still incomplete!

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Now 10 in total, this is still incomplete! Options menu added! Added global volume controls!

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Dialog autoscrolling bug - FIX! Sound-related bugs with the menu - FIX! Bug setting transition between animations. Event log text now fixed up! Additional scene added to one of the special group scenes. Duplicate entries are removed. English defaults to custom font.

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Log in with itch. Are there more than 3 endings for Ise, for example with only Minako? I feel like i'm trying everything, but I always get the same 3 endings with Ise. I've seen the comments about her endings, but I can't make sense of it There are 6 endings where she is involved in ; Here's a hint: You'll have to choose what you typically don't in the choices given to you! So, my problem is that I can't find some of the endings, some say there is an Ise ending? I can't find that one, plus any others I probably don't know about.

How do I find them? Yes there is! Sometimes, you gotta decide on something that you usually don't choose. Im bit lost for finding a few endings, specifically Ise ones, I've only got the 'good ending' with all 3 girls and 1 scene with Ise alone, are there any more scenes with her?

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Yes there are multiple Ise endings! Just as I mentioned to the other player above asking about Ise, sometimes, you gotta decide on something that you usually don't choose. I think I put out a flowchart graph for our patrons several months back. I'm not sure, it's among the posts I did wayy before! Sorry about typing out another comment after doing a rating.

I think it's a good game, but why isn't it on newgrounds when the ramen prince is? The android version doesn't seem to work for me. It freezes on the loading screen after you give your concent that its an adult game. Hmm it seems to work for me.

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I checked the version available here. Would you mind letting us know what your phone model is and Android version? Maybe there's something about that. Sorry for the late reply I didn't get the notif until today. It's a Samsung Galaxy S4 and it's android 5. Right now the game is a little behind in the backend compared to The Ramen Prince and Runicca.

Summer in springtime [v] [paper waifu]

It does work on my old test phone so this is kinda baffling haha! Show the menu bar on the upper right corner of the screen while playing the game, and press the ingame menu button beside it. That will show up the in-game menu with the save and load game controls. You can only save a game while the dialogue is displayed. I got an idea, but you know, we'd like to keep the skin color names friendly and delicious :.

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Hi yes so I do have a question. Is there a way to only end up with summer? Unfortunately, there's no spanish language fan translation yet.

Summer in springtime v

If you'd like to contribute that, just let us know :. Yo, whenever I try to use the old art secret code oldieartxxx, it seems to work at first but I after I click moulinbrush as the art style it proceeds to say collab art style secret code is turned on so I have to use ukyu or the current art style instead of the moulinbrush one. Plz help. Love the game but as of right now I'm really loving the title screen song, but I can't seem to find it anywhere.

Author comments

Any chance someone knows what it is? Thank you. The old art is still accessible using the secret code oldieartxxx. I understand you're a fan of the said style, but unfortunately, it's no longer supported nor will be continued. The game was built with being able to support multiple art styles, so who knows, we might work with another artist later on who has a similar style to the original one!

Thank you for the reply sir The old art style is accessible the same way in the other versions of the game as the Android one :. I'll keep your art preference in mind! Our collaboration with other artists in the future may be limited to Omake scenarios.

The loading times are damn long, there is no possibility to roll back nor to skip already seen text, the menu is fastidious, musics are broken, I know this is an alpha version but all of these problems wouldnt even happen with Ren'Py for example. Indeed, Ren'Py is that convenient that there is not a single loading time, everything is instant, if a reader wants to rewind in order to see something again, they can rewind by scrolling the middle mouse button up, if a reader wants to read the visual novel again and try different choices in order to discover how the story changes, they can skip what they have already seen by holding Ctrl down which skips everything already seen until they reach something new that they have not seen yet, the menu is accessible with a right click anywhere on the screen and it opens directly on the save screen which is the most often used feature of the menu, this is how convenience is made.

You probably know Ren'Py as this is the software that everyone uses to create visual novels and you probably wanted to try something else to not do the same as everyone, be original, I think I undestand that much. I don't suggest you to do the same as everyone and be unoriginal, but if a software is used by everyone because it is convenient then there is nothing wrong to use this convenience to create something original, don't you think?

So after testing your visual novel and experiencing the utter disavantadges of the software that you use, my suggestion is to switch to Ren'Py in order to benefit its convenience both for you and your readers, what do you say? Thank you for your thoughts and feedback about your user summer in springtime game, comparing it with Ren'py! Wait times - Sorry about that! I had looked at Ren'py before when I was about to start working on this game and I've no doubt, it's very good software for this sort of thing!

But it wasn't just summer in springtime game putting out visual novels quickly that I needed to consider there were other things. At the time I was creating the game, I wanted a mobile version of the game, but I didn't have enough experience in developing this before, just the foresight, so I didn't know what will and what won't work - the technical traps were there but I couldn't see them clearly.

I didn't have much time to figure things out. Ren'py, coming in as a complete package was like WordPress for website development, seemed pretty easy and a great thing to get into, unfortunately, digging into Ren'py's technical stuff confused me while I've read it's easy to get into, I didn't know how to use Pythonso I decided to learn how to make something similar to learn how this stuff works - that works on the web.

Fortunately or unfortunately for me, I had to do some work that's closer to re-inventing the wheel! Ren'py also doesn't have the animations I wanted on the get go. While this wasn't exactly the case for what we're using now, I still had to make this work myself.