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Woman convinced to masturbate for cash 6 min. Stepsister Lacy Lenneon and teen friend Liz Jordan play strip poker with bro 10 min. Girls convinced to have a painted body bikini for cash 6 min. Domina loses strip poker and shows off tits 6 min.

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The levels of debauchery and sleaze vary from one game to the next, but these establishments are all selling sex in one form or another.

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In either regard, they provide a valuable service and their contributions to their respective communities should not be overlooked. This is sure to be our most thot-provoking list yet!

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Located in the heart of the Midgar slums, the inn is a members-only adult club where the girls all wear bee outfits. Visitors can choose to stay in one of four theme rooms, but only two of them are available when Cloud arrives.

When the ordeal is over, one of the men gives Cloud a pair of bikini briefs as a souvenir. The other rooms are occupied by other visitors, but Cloud has the option of peeping into the keyholes like the creep that he is.

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He can also venture into the dressing room and get some help with his cross-dressing exploits. There are many establishments in the Dragon Age universe where you can purchase sexual services. Incidentally, prostitution is legal in the land of Thedas, and the patrons of the industry span all strata of society.

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You can enlist the services of males or females of different races, and you can also asked to be surprised. If you choose this option, you might have your hands tied behind your back or be placed into a room filled with random objects and ambiguous tools. You could also wake up next to a cross-dressing dwarf or find yourself sharing a bed with two pig-like animals who are trying to avoid eye contact for some reason.

Most of your companions will react negatively if you succumb to your sexual indulgences, but I appreciate how unpredictable and over-the-top the random excursions can be.

Many games in the God of War series feature sex mini-games where Kratos bangs slutty women. His conquests range from random thots to Aphrodite herself, but Ghost of Sparta features proper whores in a proper whorehouse.

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While visiting his hometown of Sparta, Kratos passes a brothel and is invited inside by two working girls. Wasting no time, he picks the women up on his shoulders, finds the nearest bed, and takes a trip to pound town. The action takes place off screen, but we can see the foot of the bed rocking violently.

Other girls start to gather to see what all the commotion is about, and many of them decide to in on the festivities. Metro: Last Light is set in a post-apocalyptic Moscow, and most of the story unfolds within the subterranean metro system. The club is spread across a series of abandoned metro cars that are adorned with vibrant curtains and colorful artwork.

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Some outlets insisted that the scene was problematic, but the girl is paid for her services and she seems to enjoy her work. Generally speaking, I find it hard to complain when a sporting lady is bending over in front of me.

The brothel houses over a dozen prostitutes, and Geralt can enlist the services of many of them. Outer Heaven was a hostile state that served as the setting of the first Metal Gear game, and Hideo Kojima reused the name for a strip t in Snatcher. Assuming the role of a detective, players enter the exclusive club to gather information about a murder suspect.

The clients were dressed up like popular sci-fi characters in the original 8-bit versions, but they were replaced with Konami costumes in subsequent releases.

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It was quite a thrill to walk into a bar and see the likes of Goemon, Sparkster, and Simon Belmont, but the main reason why everyone goes to Outer Heaven is for the entertainment. Video game strip clubs often feel out of place or unnecessary, but they are thematically appropriate for the Duke Nukem universe since the entire series is fueled by male power fantasy. Duke Nukem 3D is set in a dystopian Los Angeles amidst an alien invasion, but the sex industry is alive and thriving.

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The second stage of the game takes us to a red light district where we find an adult book store and an adjacent strip bar. The place is crawling with hostile aliens, but the girls will continue to dance even as bullets rain down around them.

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To that point, it was one of the first games that let you interact with strippers in any capacity. Their nipples are covered in tassels, but I still appreciate the sentiment. During the fifth chapter of Hitman: Absolutionplayers are tasked with eliminating a nightclub owner named Dom Osmond.

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He often forces his employees into prostitution, and he uses threats of violence to keep them in line. The place features a large stage with multiple stripper poles, and the dancers are illuminated in neon lights. The place is hopping and security is tight, so there are literally hundreds of potential witnesses. There are different ways to eliminate Dom, and you can even use his own establishment against him.

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The two-way mirrors in the back allow you to keep tabs on him without drawing suspicion, and you can drop a disco ball on him to kill him outright! Many of the clubs on this list focus entirely on the main stage, but Hitman: Absolution gives you an inside look into how strip bars are operated. Strip clubs are commonplace in the Grand Theft Auto series. You can sit back and admire the topless girls working the main stage, but the real magic happens in the back rooms. These scenes are interactive, and players are encouraged to flirt with the girls and feel them up.

Competition and sex: man's greatest drives satisfied here

If players are successful in this regard, they can earn a second dance or an opportunity to take the girl home. No club on this list is more ubiquitous than La Belle De Nuit. The opening scene in The Saboteur takes place in the Parisian burlesque house, and players are immediately greeted by a topless woman. Sean Devlin is a hard-drinking mechanic who is affiliated with the French Resistance, but he can freely walk around the strip club without generating suspicion since the inebriated Germans are preoccupied with the cabaret performances.

Strip clubs are often in discreet locations found in the underbellies of society, but La Belle De Nuit is front-and-center in The Saboteur. In a brazen move, Electronic Arts held the nude scenes hostage to encourage players to buy the game new rather than picking it up on the secondary market. Do you agree with this list?

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Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below. Your opinion matters! Night Mode.

Competition and sex: man's greatest drives satisfied here

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