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And so I was, I was really optimistic that this year was going to be the year. And now that there's just no year at all, like, you know, there's a lot of uncertainty. We don't know what's going to happen next year. The show from WNYC about the things we think about a lot, and need to talk about more.

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MH: I would just throw my baseballs at the net, go pick them up, and then scoot back and throw them again. Minor League Baseball was cancelled this year, but Mitch still needed to stay in shape. MH: All of the gyms were closed, so I actually went to Home Depot, which was one of the only places that was open, and bought a bunch of concrete and flowerpots.

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MH: And fastened my own set of weights. And I basically, I was mixing concrete on the, on my driveway and, you know, with, with like rubber gloves on, and I sex to the death game the concrete into the flower pots to let it dry. And basically made these homemade 45 pound plates. I have four of them. AS: So did you figure this out, you're just like cruising around a Home Depot with a cart and like, what am I going to use?

Like what - [laughs]. MH: I was probably slated for AAA baseball this year, um, which is the closest level to the big leagues. Mitch was ed to the Twins on a free agent contract — his first, since being drafted after his junior year of college. MH: It's a, it's a huge problem in baseball. You know, the minor league salaries are really, really low, you know, the contract that everybody s out of the draft is a seven year contract.

MH: Yeah. And so the only way to get out of that is either to get released or to basically get called, get to the big leagues and get onto a major league contract. But, so I knew, I knew that the wages were going to be bad, but, uh, there's, you know, the, the very widely held belief among Minor League Baseball players, especially the ones that are just ing. Um, you know, it's like, it'll only take me a couple of years to get to the big leagues.

So I'll just live off my ing bonus and everything's going to be okay. AS: How did you think about how much money you were going to earn after that ing bonus? When you're becoming a minor league baseball player? MH: So, so I ed — this, this is public information — I ed in the ninth round in for a hundred thousand dollars. After taxes it came out to be like 70 something.

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MH: It's a good chunk of money. I got, I didn't get it all at once either. I got it over the course of a year and a half.

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So, um, but I did get that money and I knew that, you know, beside that ing bonus, the salaries, the wages in, in minor league baseball were ridiculously low. You only get paid during the season. And before you know, it, you know, you're in the minor leagues for year after year after year.

And at certain point, you know, you, haven't made a reasonable income for, you know, five, six, seven years.

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And you look back and you're like, wow, I wish I wish that things weren't like this. MH: So I didn't do anything with it, honestly. I, the only thing that I bought was, uh, uh, a few books on investing. So I, I learned how to, I learned how to invest. Like, it can go pretty quick if you don't save it the way you should. AS: I want to move ahead to you're like four or five years into your contract.

Um, like we're very creative, um, when it comes to saving money, at least most of us are.

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The ones that, that don't have, you know, the million dollar ing bonuses. The way I have played it, um, every season is that I try to break even, while, like during the season, while I'm playing. So, I mean, it's not a lot of money.

MH: But you know, when you're working every day, it's not, you don't really have a whole lot to spend your money on besides food, food and shelter, basically.

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This last off season, I had an apartment with another baseball player and you know, of course we weren't getting paid in the off season. You know, we were working, you know, side jobs and trying to make ends meet the best we could, but we furnished our whole apartment on Craigslist free. So, you know, we just collected it from all over the city, in Denver, from different people. And then at the end of the off season, we were able to sell some of it, um, and make a little bit of money back. AS: Can you tell me a little bit more about what that apartment looked like when it was fully furnished with free stuff from Craigslist?

What were the items? MH: It was, it was a, it was a hodgepodge of stuff. Um, we had, you know, I found these really old, dirty, um, like, like bar chairs that this guy gave me for free. My roommate, and I went to go pick up this powered reclining chair, um, that this, that this, this guy had. He was, it was an year-old guy and he was trying to sell it, but he couldn't get it out of his apartment.

But they couldn't lift it out of his, out of his house. And so finally he gave up and agreed to give it to us for free.

Your data. your experience.

Um, only if we could lift it out of his apartment. So, we went over to his house and we were able to lift it.

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Um, but it was not an easy, easy task. Actually, that was the only piece of furniture we had was that couch. AS: So since you ed, how many, how many different cities and apartments have you lived in? MH: Oh my God. So many. Um, yeah, so, I mean, since my career started, I've lived in Maryland. Um, the way - the nature of Minor League Baseball is such that you need to be able to get up and go at any time.

And I wasn't pitching very well at all. It was a really tough, tough spot in my career, but, you know, I had an apartment in Albuquerque. And I wasn't pitching very well. And the Rockies organization decided to send me to Hartford, um, in like the middle of May. And I got, I got the news that I was go- I was being demoted during the middle of a road trip. So I was in Tacoma, Washington, you know, with a suitcase for, you know, a seven day road trip.

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And they sent me to Hartford with just my suitcase and I never, I never went back to Albuquerque, um, to clean up my apartment. My brother had to do it for me.

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MH: Yeah, pretty much. I mean, they, they all understand, you know, the nature of - the nature of the game. I mean, so it's a crazy business. I mean, you gotta be able to get up and go at a moment's notice. And you might stay there the whole summer.

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You might be there for three days. You really just don't know. AS: Yeah. I want to understand, so your seven years - you did your seven year commitment and then this season was supposed to be a one year free agent contract with the Twins.

AS: Okay. Is it like you feel like, [sigh of relief], enough money that you can feel like you can buy furniture for yourself? MH: Absolutely. It's it's, it's not, I mean, it's, I - and by all means I wasn't gonna get rich, but, um, it was definitely like it was a, it was a comfortable, a comfortable wage, um, you know, to support myself the whole year. And so I, I would only, I'd still only be paid during the season, but it was enough money to comfortably support myself, you know, as a year-old, you know, the whole year round.

MH: Yes. And so, and, and it's, um, it - what really sucks is I had that contract and it was ed and executed. However, the, the Twins are not honoring it. Um, since the season is canceled, um, they, they, they don't feel as though they they're obligated to pay me that salary, which has been very frustrating in and of itself.

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I don't know if all teams are still doing it. Um, so it is something, but it's, it's a, it's a long shot from what I was, uh, what I was expecting.