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I'm 40 years old and grew up on video games in the 80's and 90's.

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There is just that appeal of old school video games that make me want to try them out, even if they look really outdated.

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I've watched videos of retro video game collectors, and what caught my eye was the Atari Jaguar. The de was strangely appealing to me, but I heard that it is really expensive these days, so I am looking to check out other retro consoles in the meantime. What would you guys suggest that I pick up first, regardless if it is a portable or console?

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Just for added information, my favorite genre is platforming and I grew up in the PS1 era. Any other tips in starting a collection or hobby of playing retro consoles?


How much money do you have? We are at peak prices for this stuff and who knows if they're going back down.

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A few duds but I really filled out our library with solid stuff. Well, those bins are no longer a thing.

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Maybe actively peruse all of your Goodwills, retro stores and pawn shops if you want to hunt in the wild. Otherwise, just buy online. FB marketplace and Craigslist also have some deals from time to time. Forgot to inform that I am not from the US, but Facebook and other online sites seem like a good start! If I may ask, how much on average do retros go for these days?

If you like the Jaguar, start with the Sega Genesis, preferably the original model 1.

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Most of the Jaguar games were programmed to the same Motorola chip, which powers the Genesis, and there's a similar feel, overall. It'll give you a rough idea for the 3rd party conventions of the time, and if you like what you see, some of the Jaguar ports will just be more of that, except better. Plus, it's easier to afford Genesis titles, because Sega has made sure everyone on the planet has a way to play terrible emulated copies, and they love to let their most popular IPs die. Edit: Alternatively: begin with a good Famiclone.

If you wait until the weather is right, and your reflexes are fast, you should be able to collect a few hundred as they bounce off your umbrella. There was a really nice article on Kotaku about starting out collecting just a couple of days ago:. I started last year in the UK.

Got a snes first, which was a mistake as the games are so expensive. Then acheep and there are some good games but they're all basic and old school.

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Got a master system, cheap and some good stuff like g-lock but still a bit basic for me. Got a Dreamcast, not as expensive the snes but still so.

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Worth getting one just for soul calibur. Last I got given a ps 1, I didn't want this but it's turned out to be my favourite, cheap to buy, reasonably priced games.

Use it for arcade ports mostly with an arcade stick but it has a ton of good games. Lastly got an old pc, expensive to buy, lots of cheap old DOS games.

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Next on the list a pentium III for with does 98 3d stuff. Sounds like a lot but apart from.

The pc every consoles was between 30 - 50 boxed. I like to collect as well, but maybe a different idea on approach. To me it's a lot about creating a great display that sets out what makes a machine special to me.

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Having a huge Atari collection is neat but these games just aren't very good. The ones that are good are rare but they exist.

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I like getting ones that remind me of what made the system awesome. Atari Sears Telegames heavy sixer with defender, combat, asteroids, etc.

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Also the Art of Atari book is great - the game packaging was so fun to look at back then. C64 with early EA games that had amazing packaging archon, one on one, bards tale, etcatarisoft, early Commodore games with that distinctive blue and gray packaging. But a lot of the stuff was shoehorned into the Genesis stylings in my book.

So just the classics: Sonic, Madden 93, nba jam, etc. I loved the TurboGrafx16, but that machine has a crazy backstory that goes beyond the games. Telling a compelling story with the collection is fun vs getting as many games as you can. One approach would be getting the ps1 and the games that really made the machine special to you.

Sometimes less is more. Also retro gamer magazine has a lot of history and backstories that are fun to learn about. Newbie to retro video game collecting.

Newbie to retro video game collecting. where to begin?

Where to begin? Posted by 3 years ago. Hello everyone! First time on this sub.

Thank you! Sort by: best.

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