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South Park.

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Sometimes they just want the player to relax and have some fun. Heavy Rain grasped the most important part of any movie that perverts look for, the shower scene and made it as detailed as they possibly could for the players viewing pleasure. You can resize it from small to Ron Jeremy and anything in between. Duke Nukem Forever was always about guns, girls, and explosions.

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Then they decided to go off the deep end and just have fun with it. After all, this is one game that gives you a giant dildo you can shove up an anus and shoot a person in the air like a firework.

How many other games dedicated 16 hours of development time simply to the motion capturing of the sex scenes? In fact, once this was discovered Sony clamped down on the game and declared it pornographic. Soul Calibur V is a fighting game to be sure but is certainly not shy about showing off the goods.

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Dead or Alive was a fighting game once. It seems people use it simply to watch skimpy girls with enormous breasts bounce around in bikinis.

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Share Tweet Pin Share. Here are 8 games with moments that focus on those perverted folks among us.

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