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Ending 1 — Freedom in Death In this ending you have to go all out with Chris, no holding back and you will get this ending.

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This guide will help you complete all routes for all 3 heroines. They each have a bad ending, a good ending, and a bonus ending. Note : You can also obtain all CGs if you follow this guide. Note 2 : The guide should also work if you obtained the all-ages version from Steam, but this goes untested. Naturally, there will also be CG difference. Ending 1 of 11 — Your Fired Bad End. Save slot 1 Continue looking for the .

Negligee: love stories game walkthrough and endings guide

Push for information. Save slot 2 What size clothes do you wear? Save slot 3 Choose Sophie It could be a good idea. Lace Undies.

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Unicorn Trainer. A Giver. An Experimental One. Sweet and Gentle. Save slot 4 A maid outfit. I think it looks good!

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Witch Costume. Basic lingerie.

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Fight, fight, fight, fight! Go for a Meal.

Tell them you like women. Save slot 5 Lace Babydoll Outfit.

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Matching Lingerie Set. Sexy Summer Swimwear. Ending 2 of 11 — Sophie is Fired Bad End. Load slot 3 Choose Charlotte But we have work aprons.

Bikini cut. Tame unicorns.

A Quiet One. Try to convince her. White Sheer Babydoll. Pink Japanese Bra Set. Do you really hate each other? Save slot 6 Maybe Charlotte.

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Go Bowling. Just socially.

Negligee all endings. ending #1 – you’re fired

Sexy Bunny Outfit. Bright Silk Teddy. Load slot 1 Examine the letters and phone. What past experience do you have?

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If she thinks it is relevant. Choose Jasmin. A week ago. A Pro. Black Semi-sheer Chemise. Red Bow Lingerie.

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Cat girls. Maybe Sophie.

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Silly drunk. Have you ever tried BDSM? Well, no, not really. Load slot 8 Hire Jasmin. Ending 4 of 11 — Charlotte Quits Bad End. Load slot 6 I am not sure.

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When I can. Lace Babydoll Outfit. Schoolgirl Outfit.

Negligee: love stories – how to get all endings and achievements

Load slot 2 What size clothes do you wear? Load slot 5 Matching Lingerie Set. I love it! Army Girl Clothes.

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The owner agrees to find her some girls to her….