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You just moved to Little Eden due to your fathers deployment. Download Nano-control v. Want high speed download? Just take a Premium Pro on k2s and open full world of adult games.

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Thread starter speedapple Start date Jan 1, walktheough game 2dcg big ass corruption creampie harem incest male protagonist milf mind control mobile game pregnancy sandbox teasing vaginal sex. Spoiler v0. Spoiler 1- Extract to desired location.

Nano control walkthrough. development log

Thank you for Nano control walkthrough help. No TV, no internet and no reception, when things were looking like they couldn't get any worst a chance encounter with an individual has given you the opportunity to turn things around and maybe even create your little slice of paradise. Repeat the first steps, up, left, down, and this time head up again and you will come to Kay.

Start a Wiki. Download MB. Once the control bar is at 50 Kay can be upgraded to level 1. Top Bottom.

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After both of them fall under his thrall however this deteriorates as Rika pokes fun at Jace's new attraction to the master and she tries to deny it. Boyos Active Member Game Developer. However this is still not good enough.

You just moved to Little Eden due to your fathers deployment. Gameplay: -4 different periods of the day morning, noon, evening and nighteach with different events! Essentially, it'll be a sandbox-ish styled game where you have 50 days to enslave a of girls which you improve your control over them by "training" them, which basically means using your control on them to do various stuff.

The basically flow of the game would be like: -Find ways to indoctrinate the target -Train the target to exert further control after indoctrination. Check out the Patreon to follow on the progress of the game or updates! Hey all! The afternoon after she has ingested the serum the nanites have fully walkhhrough with their target and she has been indoctrinated. The player rushes into the hall to talk to his mother who explains contrrol she is going to have a bath.

The player than induces a trance and has the two of them take a bath together plus 15 in her control bar after this point. After cntrol the player can take control of her and take her to secluded areas to strip, each time filling 10 points in nano control game walkthrough control bar. Once at 50 Elaine is ready to be upgraded. On either Wednesday or Saturday Elaine will be away at the store and the player can strike by approaching the fridge and slipping serum into her tea.

She will be induced and give Nano control walkthrough player a blowjob. Blowjobs from this point onwards fill 15 points on the control bar, take Elaine to secluded areas once wa,kthrough and have her give the player blowjobs until the bar is filled up to 80 points.

Talk to G and he will explain that to increase control you need to feed Elaine aphrodisiacs three times a day and than act at the night. On a nano control game walkthrough where you know where Elaine will be at all times approach, talk and select control on Elaine. Talk to her while she is following her and select "Feed Aphrodisiac" which will transform the player and Elaine back to Elaine's room regardless of where the two were initially. After she has been given the aphrodisiac three times approach her in the night and she will be so sexually frustrated and she will start to notice "how grown up" her son is.

Induce control and Elaine will have sex with you.

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During the sex Contorl will be enslaved to the confrol, but the player commands more. He threatens to pull his cock out of Elaine contrrol she does not submit. Elaine does so and proclaims herself to no longer be a mother, but a mere woman, the player's Food delivery app nj.


From this having sex with Elaine is now Nano control walkthrough in secluded areas and will fill 25 points. To increase Elaine to level 3, fill the control bar up to points and than talk to G if you haven't already converted someone to level 3 that is and you nano control game walkthrough have the power to enter the targets mind and rewrite them permanently there.

Control Elaine and bring her to your room, talk to her and select enter her mind. The first part of her mind is surrounded by Nqno, upon entrance the player move past the fire without getting caught to advance to walkthrouyh next area.

The next area is the memory of when Elaine first submitted herself to the player. Walktrough her inner thoughts can be seen and her own inner turmoil at "choosing" to become contro sex slave to her son. After this the way to the next area is than guarded by contro row of fire which has a specific trick. The fire moves up and down and the trick is to walk into the area, remain still before the fire touches you and move until you are past the area and walk to the next.

If Rika is already under control than a new scene will appear in the final area where it is shown that Elaine is jealous of Rika, if Rika is not level 2 than this scene will not appear and the final room will be empty.

Elaine will not give any resistance at this point walkthroigh the player mentally notes that she desired that part to be changed. Go to the bottom of this final room and follow the hallway which will lead to the core of Elaine.

Nano-control vd

Take control walothrough and assume full control over Elaine completely. This will lead you to exit Elaine's mind. Talk to her and you will take her to her room.

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Talk to her there and you will enter her mind but that there are still some areas that have yet to be changed as Elaine values them too much. As of the Tobuscus petville build Elaine can only be controlled walkyhrough to level 3. Elaine is most commonly found at the table in her house which she will always be in the morning and evening unless otherwise specified in the walkthrough.

At night she will be in her room, while in the afternoon she will either be at walkthgough Market Place the location do west of the player's house following the path, or at the Little Tea Shop. Depending on the day Lena may also be there as well. Once a responsible parent, the walktyrough and aphrodisiacs have corrupted Shiny drowzee tainted Elaine into a sex-crazy servant to her flesh and blood son.

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She is receptive to his will and if not countered will develop ravenous jealousy towards her own daughter for also being a slave. Clntrol original Slutty attire was quite different from her current one.

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Instead of being an identical attire it was instead a black miniskirt and purple shirt with the word "Slut" written accross it. Smiling Dog changed it after feedback and discussing the matter with the then-sprite artist and the game changing the workable images from rpgmvp files to.

In Don't have an ? She is the mother to the nameable protagonist and to another Heroine Rika.

Nano-control pc game walkthrough free download for mac

Contents [ show ]. :. Cancel Save. Here's the walkthrough if you all need it! It's a RPG collecting game that might interest you! The actual easiest would be to run it in titansshopnfl.

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Kay was mind controlled after drinking a mind control serum that the protagonist slips into some juice that she demands after winning a game of tag. On the first day of the game when the.