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Aug The girls fight their way through monsters, gather gear and seeds for the garden, and most importantly, gather Omega Power, which is, of course, stored in the chest. This means their breasts grow as they become more powerful and….

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As the characters defeat monsters, they gain both gear and Omega Power. Omega Power makes their boobs grow. You know this because every time they level up, not only do you get a quick jiggle shot, but—in addition to their other combat stats—every one of them has a handy letter guide telling you their current cup size.

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Also, you will occasionally come across mysterious magic items in the dungeons that need to be identified. Now, another game might do the hoary old chestnut of having a sage character you must pay to reveal its abilities, but OLL cuts out the middleman and gives the girls the power to do this themselves by simply exposing the item to their Omega Power.

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Which, as I mentioned, is stored in the chest. In the Overworld, you have to restore and tend the garden, rebuild the school, improve your weapons, and build your gear. The dungeons start off simple but quickly ramp up with a wide variety of monsters, traps, and challenges.

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Plus, after several really easy levels, the game gets very challenging very fast. The only variation in the program is which flowers to plant and which two of the five characters to take into the dungeon. Except that this one also features plant-ladies who will repeatedly challenge you to a game of Rock-Paper-Scissors.

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That you must compete in by manipulating boobs. Omega Labyrinth Life is a colorful, well-produced roguelike dungeon game with a lot of cheesecake, set in the world of Japanese schoolgirls.

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Reviews Nintendo Switch. Just keep reminding yourself it's a decent dungeon crawler. This means their breasts grow as they become more powerful and… …so, make sure to look both ways as you cross against the light into rush-hour traffic.

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I forgot to mention earlier. Overall Score 6. The Author.

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Bill Stiteler. I've seen things you people wouldn't believe; like, the first four Police Academy movies, in-theater.

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