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An explosion happens in the dojo Shou went to before. Shou, who was taking a break from school, happened to meet the "brother next door" there, Kimura Kaoru, who he had learned kendo together with. Shou was happy to see "Kaoru-san" again, whom he longed after in olden days.

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The game revolves around an exciting story, in which all kinds of monsters and dark forces will come to the planet earth to punish the humanity for their disobedient to the god. There is an ancient buried in the world and told a legend that would come and punish the dark forces and rescue the humanity. In the game, you can take on the role of the little boy who is the protagonist and a legend who has to save the humanity from dark forces and monsters. After showing your power, the people starts calling you the Power of Death. The game takes place in the Fantasy-based world and embarks you an epic adventure where you have to manipulate the environment and perform everything you want.

Build shelters, search treasure, craft items, and gather resources.

Bonetown: the power of death

Become the legends and battle for your liberty. Games like bonetown The Power of Death is the best game to play and enjoy. Currently, in the Alpha phase, Rust offers early access to the game on Steam. Set in a massive Open World, Rust allows you to survive in an unfriendly environment by simply crafting different items, exploration and by finding the supplies such as Food, Water, Shelter, loot, Weapons and medical Supplies, etc. It spawns you right in the middle of other online players and lets you use your wit to find ways in which you can survive.

You must stay well fed to avoid starvation and drink plenty of water in order to eliminate the threat of being dehydrated. Encounters with the creatures will definitely result in your demise of win so you decide what to do. All the deadly creatures, harsh weather conditions, and all the obstacles must not defeat you if you want to survive. Rust with all the wonderful mechanics, visuals and immersive game-play is a fantastic game to play and enjoy. Subterrain is a wonderful Action-Adventure and Survival video game.

The game puts you right into the shoes of Dr. West who finds himself stranded into an underground city on Mars. Subterrain offers a Sci-Fi environment and lets you research and craft a of weapons, explore the world around you and fight against the mutants. With a of randomly generated game levels, cool weapons and a top down perspective, Subterrain offers brilliant visuals, a well-written story-line and an engaging game-play. Do try it out for an amazing Action-Adventure, Survival ans Exploration video game.

The game is basically a simulation in which you are stranded on an unknown Island located on the far side of the Coast of Africa.

Wilde creatures such as Boars, Lions, Elephants, Crocodiles, Rhinos and Hippos are your hosts and you are left to totally survive on your own. Your task is to explore the world around you, interact with the objects you see, build structures using all the available materials, craft items such as weapons, and tools that will help you survive.

Kill the beings you see as enemies and just survive. With all the wonderful visuals, immersive game-play and all the wonderful things combined, Age of Survival is a great game games like bonetown play and enjoy. The game adds up a brilliant new type of genre in the series and offers a truly very immersive and quite jaw dropping experience. Far Cry Primal takes you back to 10, B. C in the beginning of Mesolithic Era. With only challenge of the game, Survival, Far Cry Primal lets you be a prominent Wenja Tribe man named Takkar, tasks you to explore the Oros valley without any weapons and lost of dangers.

In order to survive, Far Cry Primal lets you capture and tame wild animals, collect different types of resources and build weapons, tools etc.

You must build a special place among all the fellow tribesmen by using your skills and abilities of survival. Other prominent game tasks include scavenging, hunting, building structures by the use of all the natural resources and your abilities etc. With a very immersive nature, all the fantastic aspects of wild life and life without necessary resources, struggle and your survival abilities, brilliant visual details and all the fun, Far Cry Primal is one fantastic Action, Adventure and Survival video game to play and enjoy.

The robots are following you only to capture you and kill you after the investigation. You must survive using all the things like weapons and objects and escape the island. There are a lot of items games like bonetown interests hidden in the towns, you can find them and use them to survive and plan your escape. The enemies are way too stronger in the game and they can get help from dogs, balloons or sentries etc.

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The robots with all the unique tactics try to lure and capture you so you better be careful even when touching an object. Other great features of the game are the Unique and engaging game-play, Randomly generated game worlds, super realistic graphics and a great story. Sir, You Are Being Hunted is an awesome game to play and enjoy. Do try it out. ZombiU takes you to an amazing Action-Adventure, Horror Survival and Shooter gaming experience that you cannot have playing a lot of other games of the same genre.

Developed specifically for Wii U platforms, this game is thrown into the markets by Ubisoft Montpellier and Ubsoft to provide you with a marvelous piece of art. The game is set in London and features the protagonist as a survivor of a zombie outbreak. The only objective of the game for you is to scavenge for the Shelter, Food and Water, Weapons and Medicines to survive and fight back your enemies.

ZombiU allows you to learn and evolve into the environment by developing different skills and survival techniques until you reach the Safe Zone. Once you reach the safe zone, the game concludes. ZombiU is probably one of the best games of this specific genre as compared to a lot of other titles. You should games like bonetown check it out. The game is set in a massive open world in Rural America and leaves you right in the middle of a Zombie infested area where your only task is to survive.

H1Z1: just Survive allows you to either go alone on scavenging quest or team up with your friends playing as other survivors online, go hunting down the zombies or find the valuables. Be aware of the friendlies turned enemies, because not everybody is your friend in the game.

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With a great Action and Adventure packed game-play, well-written story and fantastic visuals, H1Z1: Just Survive is one of the best Action, Adventure, horror-Survival and exploration video game to play and enjoy. The game sets on a Mysterious Island where you are the lone wanderer whose only task is to survive in a Hostile environment where an unknown Entity is haunting you. As the main character named as Robert Hughes and a plague-stricken Scientist, your task is to find the cure. Authorities left you stranded on the island after the virus infected you and now you must survive without any food, water, medical supplies and weapons.

You must get out from the hiding, scavenge for the supplies, make weapons and survive while saving yourself from the unknown entity at your back. Get hold of your advanced lab and scientific research outpost, start experimenting and finally find a cure to save your old colleagues and all the infected ones. The game world is filled with all kinds of deadly creatures who continuously hunt you so you must be aware of them at all times. So are you ready for this haunting yet exciting adventure?

Well if you are then you must know that this game is one of the best in the Horror-Survival genre. The game kicks off with your ship crashing on games like bonetown shores of an unknown and mysterious Island. With no other option left, you get forced to move to the island and find means to survive. You and your crew should make proper refuge by the use of all the available resources like trees; rocks etc.

The hostile environment keeps on throwing you right in the middle of hordes of unknown creatures and forces you to learn how to survive and live until the help arrives.

Amazingly bloody battles against the bloodthirsty creatures, a truly unforgiving environment, and freedom of exploration and crafting abilities, Savage Lands lets you experience an amazingly engaging gameplay, cool mechanics, and state of the art visuals. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic era and features the protagonist Nick Ramos, who after the three initial days of the outbreak, scavenges for supplies like water, food and medicines.

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You as the protagonist act as you see suitable to survive by encountering the zombies and killing them in Melee Combats. You search for the possible safe zones to get to safety and find out that the only safe passage goes through the lairs of zombies.

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As the game mostly bases on the melee combats so you get only melee weapons to fight against the zombies. You can buy weapons and different melee techniques from in-game stores by spending your experience points XP. Dead Rising 3 provides with an open world bigger than the world in Dead Rising and Dead Rising 2 combined, in which you can roam freely and travel to different locations and scavenge a larger area for goods.

The game also provides with an extremely horror and action-packed gameplay. You will surely enjoy it a lot. Based on three main game modes Hunted, Escape and Extraction games like bonetown, Contagion allows you to engage yourself in a 16 player Multiplayer Co-Op gameplay and kill the zombies.

Every mode allows a limited of players to play with weapons best suitable for the concerning game modes etc. Your duty in the game is to select a mode to play, explore the game world from a first person perspective and fight against the undead.

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Just like the different player characters, Contagion provides with a lot of different enemies, dynamic and thrilling gameplay, cool visuals, a great story, etc. Contagion is one of the best Action-Adventure, Horror-Survival and Shooting video game to play and enjoy, Contagion will entertain you to the limits. Do give it a try. Among The Sleep, Developed and produced by Krillbite Studios and Ole Andreas Jordet respectively is an action-adventure horror survival game presented in a first person gaming perspective.

The story of the game revolves around a toddler and his friend, a Teddy Bear.

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His father leaves a gift for him and leaves. Mother picks up the toddler and all the gifts and leaves the toddler alone in his room to play. The teddy bear gets out of the box who happens to be alive and takes the toddler to the wardrobe which is actually a long passage filled with long black coats.