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Furventure Games is the name of an interactive text-based adventure game enterprise that creates mostly erotic furry centered games in a text-based format, with some additional images used to set particular scenes or as cover art. Furventure Games began developing games at the end ofunder the name InterFurCreations. After a Telegram poll in March [1]the admins changed the name to Furventure Games, possibly to better reflect the adventure aspect many of their stories take.

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Flayrah occasionally posts individual reviews of computer gamesbut it's been a while since we've had a more general discussion. Time to make a new list!

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This list of games is definitely not going to be comprehensive. The Roblox and VR scenes are largely a mystery to me, although I know there's been an ongoing concern about avatars being ripped in VRChat. I won't be covering furry mods for existing games.

Furry adventure game, winds of change, is available now

Some things have been left out because there are simply too many to choose from, like Fortnite skins and a lot of visual novels. Not to mention all the games with animal characters in the background, like I Am Dead and Shovel Knight. So after some renewed delving into the topic, I've put together a selection of games with animal characters that have come out in the past couple of years, as well as possible upcoming releases.

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Leave a comment if you have any recommendations - or warnings! A 2D, story-centered game with platforming, exploration, great music and excellent dialog.

Furry adventure game, winds of change, is available now

The adventure explores themes such as maturing into adulthood, and dealing with the difficulties of life. All with animal characters and a good visual de, striking a balance between serious undertones and being pretty funny at the same time.

Hollow Knight - Trailer - Twitch Feb. A 3D third-person light action-adventure. You're a mouse minstrel on a quest in a medieval world, after you escape from your prison. For anyone who played the first three Spyro games on the Playstation back in the late s, Toys for Bob made a sincere effort to remaster this dragon platformer for modern systems.

Super Animal Royale - Twitch Dec. Technically still in Early Access, this has been playable for some time. A battle royale game with a furry, top-down, cartoony style. A side-scrolling auto-runner.

Furry computer games what have you been playing?

A lot of reviewers weren't impressed. Granted this is nothing new for the much-maligned Bubsy franchise. Don't play this. A choose-your-path, light RPG with survival elements, in which you play a young dragon. There's a permadeath aspect where if you die three times, you have to start the game over, or at least lose substantial progress. Reviewers seem ok with the game concept, but dislike it when they have to replay longer chapters.

List of furry role-playing games

This is a collected episodic series in which you're a teddy bear detective. Done in a 2D noir style, there are human characters as well.

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Winds of Change - Gameplay Aug. A visual novel set in a fantasy universe, with romancing elements. Made by a furry fan!

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An isometric stealth puzzle game. Later Alligator - Trailer - Twitch Sept. A 2D cartoony mystery adventure, with mini-games mixed in. A 3D detective adventure game, set in an anthro world with a cat protagonist. Based on the European hardcover comic book series.

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Some sequences are timed. A dark corruption scandal in the heart of New York City's underworld. Roman's Christmas - Trailer - Gameplay Feb. Kemono Heroes - Trailer - Gameplay Feb. A beautiful action-platformer metroidvania featuring Ori, a glowing white animal spirit.

The sequel to 's Ori and the Blind Forest. Starting with a simple tent, you can explore the land, perform tasks, earn money, collect stuff, get a house, and customize where you live.

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Given the popularity of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magicthere should be at least one fan-made game on this list. This is a two-person fighter with six playable characters. Spiritfarer - Trailer - Twitch Aug. A "cozy management game about dying". You play a human woman who ferries and builds upon a large, expansive boat as you gather anthro spirits on their way to the afterlife. More of the mutant marsupial 's platforming adventures. Like Spyro Reignited above, this was also developed by Toys for Bob.

Chicken Police - Paint it Red! Chicken Police is a buddy-cop noir adventure with a carefully crafted world, a gritty story, and absurd humor.

List of furry role-playing games

A 2D point-and-click adventure. Zniw is a yellow female dinosaur on a mission to find a birthday gift for her mother. Tanuki Sunset - Trailer - Gameplay Dec. Ratropolis - Trailer - Gameplay - Review Dec. Bowser's Fury - Trailer FebSwitch. Bundled with Super Mario 3D World.

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Team up with Bowser Jr. Echo - Trailer - Gameplay Aug. A furry psychological horror visual novel. Chase, an otter, returns to his home town to work on a history project and to reunite with several friends. But old secrets simmer under the surface, and things are not as they once were. Kakatte Koi Yo! A 2D platform fighter with cats, who can use fish as weapons.

Supports up to four players. Searching for the title may bring up a lot of false hits.

Furry computer games what have you been playing?

Unlucky Seven - Gameplay Aug. I took a risk and put some money into their Indiegogo campaign. There were minimal updates for a few months, then nothing, so I was surprised that an Early Access version had eventually showed up. The original story was about prisoners on a space mission; now it's about a group of friends, alcohol and cannibalism? It's not a JRPG any more, and reviews have been poor. Kelipot - Gameplay Nov. A 2D action platformer; reviews are cautiously positive. I'm not sure if its English translation has ever been finished, apparently it still contains some of its original Chinese content.

A 2D dystopian noir detective adventure with a raccoon.

Furry adventure game, winds of change, is available now

BattleBeasts - Gameplay Aiming for:? A 3D multiplayer fighting survival game. Opened to early access on May 10, Sounds like it still has a ways to go, development-wise.