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There are so many ways through which an adult gaming site can be founded. There are the paid membership methods, in the case of the sites where you will have to pay for access before playing the games. And on the other hand, there are the sites which are featuring ad banners on their s and make their money from shared revenue. I guess that the name is pretty suggestive and you already figured out how this site makes its money. If you like the games that this site is putting out, you can simply become a patron of the company. On top of that, the patreons have special access to games and they get to choose the kinks and niches of the following titles.

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The world of online gaming is changing. So many platforms and so many mainstream online games are offering their creations for free and they fund their projects with the profit they generate through in game microtransactions. Basically, if you like the sex games that you will find on this site, you can become a patron.

Pledge a small amount of money each month and help the team of developers create even more amazing content in the future. The games they currently have in their library are sure going to convince you that you should become a patron of this site.

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Keep on reading to find out everything about the kinks that you will get to experience in these features. But also, about the graphics that will make your gameplay so realistic and about the platform that is going to offer you a flawless online gaming experience.

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Although this site is new, it managed to put together and impressive collection of porn games so far. There are games from allfrom solo masturbation simulators in which you will help a girl play with herself and some kinky toys to games which are featuring gang bang scenes.

Patreon sex games

The incest xxx games and the interracial naughty games are also popular on this site, each of these featuring several titles you can play for free. At the same time, you will also find lots of sex simulators in which you will get the liberty of experimenting with any kink you want. The collection of this site also features some puzzle xxx games, in which you will have to use your brain muscles for solving various puzzles. After you solve the challenges, you will get erotic rewards which will motivate you to advance through the game.

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And if you like naughty online communities, you should one of the multiplayer games in which you can play against or together with other players, and in which you can even mess around with other players in hot sex encounters. All the hardcore titles of the Patreon Adult Games collection are coming with some excellent graphics and well-deed characters.

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I love this new way of funding game developing projects, because it motivates the developers to create excellent products. On top of that, the site has a large community of players who are more than happy to play the games in beta and give them all the feedback they need to fix all the bugs.

I want to play free patreon adult games of the best indie porn game developers in the world!

One other thing that I love about the games of this site is the fact that they are all coming in HTML5. The era of free adult games that came in Flash is long gone. No more point and click games with no movement. The bodies of the characters in these games are all interactive.

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I like the fact that they have eliminated all the useless tools and features that no one uses, which other sites are dumping on the site just to look fancy. You get minimal browsing tools, such as tags andyou get comment sections, rating buttons and also flagging options that will let you al any issues with the games.

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All the games and the site itself are optimized for touch screen users. There is no risk of malware or spyware on the site.

Top patreon adult games

With an encrypted end-to-end connection, you will always be safe on Patreon Adult Games. This is the future of funding not only xxx games, but the entire online entertainment.

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This system has been tested and implemented by YouTubers and so many other content creators. Even amateur porn stars have Patreon s where you can donate if you like their performances which are offered free on the web. This system will prove efficient and new platforms will adopt it in the near future.

Top patreon adult games

But by then, the Patreon Adult Games collection will become one of the main sex gaming providers on the web. Be one of their supporters and enjoy the special perks that can be found on Patreon, alongside all the free gaming on the main site. Online Players Rapidly growing and have over 54, online players.

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Cross Platform These games are stunningly cross-platform. From Inside The Game. Play For Free Now. Up To Date Graphics All the hardcore titles of the Patreon Adult Games collection are coming with some excellent graphics and well-deed characters.

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