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Version 0. Views 4, Downlo File size 2MB. F game, created by ICCreations. You can find this game on Patreon. If you like the game, please consider to support the work. I do not take responsibility for any error or fault regarding this walkthrough. Every mistake will be corrected if anyone report it to me via PM here.

Prologue First of all you need to name your character, then just go through the prologue. First you meet with Melissa, your mom or not, based on the version and Samantha, you sister or not, based on the version.

On the map visit the Clothing Boutique, where Melissa is waiting for you. Talk with her, and try the new clothes while find out her new favourite clothes.

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After they start to talk on the sofa, go explore the house. Go to the hallway on the left, then check the calendar on the wall. While she is not there you can check her safe, you can see a small note on it, saying that the combination is the most important day for her and a birthday cake.

Now become Sherlock Holmes himself and solve the puzzle. If you are not Sherlock, then the small note indicate that the combination is her birthday, you checked the calendar right? Use it and check the safe.

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Now you finished with the prologue now go and explore the city, the buildings which you can and find the events and stuff. Of course some places are open only at certain days or specific times of a day. Click on each blue dots to enter those buildings.

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Beside those on the top left of the screen there is the time and day display. First the day, then the time of the day. Next to them the fast-forward time button and then the FAQ button. On the far right of the top of the screen there is the phone, the inventory and the map icon.

In the inventory you can see the items you collected through the game, also some infos about them too, which may come in handy. You can see your money there too. There will be an event, and also you can visit the rooms of the motel.

You can visit this place any time of the day. You need the key to check her in the afternoon and night. You can find your laptop there where you can check your progress, journal, the secret images and the events too. You can change your name and the background here as well! The coffee shop is open in the morning, midday and afternoon, but closed at night. Aubrey and Courtney can be found there. You can visit this house all day except at night.

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You can go there at any time of the day. You can go there in the morning and at noon, and you can work there. You can visit this place in the afternoon and at night. Walkthrough In this part there is a guide which you can follow.

The prologue is included too, because this part contains where you can unlock the events, the progress, and such. Talk with Melissa. Check Work section. Now you must remember her tattoo, so look closely! You remember, right? Well, it's "pussy sandwich". Now you have to remember what tattoo you saw on her. You got it, right? If not, well, it's "cherry". Submit her photo.

Filf walkthrough & guide

Check the images, and mail it to yourself. Check the camsite, and remember the name you see. Back and go to the DJ. Ask for her help.

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Get a blowjob. You need to add 1 milk, 2 egg, 1 sprinkles and 3 chocolate then stir 4 times. Check the text. Try to tip her, and choose continue. Choose whichever two action you want. Try the Eat her option. Just try to focus and win. You need to pick the right text what was on her gym dress.

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Reveal the Bloody Rose. Also check the text on the dumpster. Buy the key for room Go into the room and get the image from the wall.

Filf walkthrough (secret photo locations & gallery unlocker)

Cick on the little on the right. Nice job, huh? So during the cleaning you have to collect the stuffs from all 3 three rooms. You have to search for the following items: 13 F. Evening talk with her in her room, and check what she wear. Morning kiss in the kitchen. Give a passionate kiss in the kitchen in the morning. Meeting with douchebag boss. Surprise lingerie gift giving.

Sleeping with Melissa. And doing… stuff.

Massage reward in the Spa. Phone conversation of Melissa and Naomi. Moving forward with Melissa. Go to the living room at night. Go to the Spa for the massage. Go to the kitchen when Melissa is cooking. Go to the bath in the evening. Go to the living room in the evening, and again when you got the Bloody Rose.

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Go to sleep after the drink night. Watching Sam doing a cam show. You have the key, use it. Pay for the private camshow. Meeting with Prince Charming, aka Keith the Douche. Catching Sam as she sneak out to meet her prince… Kissing Sam in the Nightclub, because why not? Go to the living room, then watch Sam kick Keith out. Kissing Sam at night in the living room. Go to the backyard at afternoon, after the private show, and talk with Sam.