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The characters would start on either sides of the stage, which was comprised of four corners where the actual gameplay happened sometimes you would clash in the middle if you crossed diagonally. I played this game at least ish years ago, if anyone knows what im talking about let me know. Been looking for hours but cant find it, or if I do its just a blank :. Install the "upgrades" so that you can get play Shockwave games. Flashpoint will ask to restart, so allow it to restart. There is a search bar next to the about tab.

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Who would have thought that action games staring aliens who shoot beams of energy would be so fun! But it turns out they are, and there has been a long history of Dragon Ball based games being awesome! They are almost 50 of them out right now, with no end in sight. In at 5 is not a great game.

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DragonBall Z Tournament is a flash turn-based game where you need to fight increasingly tricky opponents to win the tournament. There was an excellent move selection, and each character had their special attacks.

Goku had the Kamehameha and Krillin had the Destructo Disk etc. There was also a brilliant tactical element where you had to guess what the opponent was going to do, and you had to choose which part of four quadrants to attack. Dragon Ball FighterZ takes 2D fighting mechanics to the next level and produced some of the most satisfying fighting gameplay of any game.

We love the story mode gameplay as well, which is a similar board game style to games, with bouts of fighting in-between. And FighterZ keeps releasing new characters as well! The humble Gameboy Advance had a lot to overcome with just two double-A batteries. However, with so little power, it still managed to produce one heck of a game.

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This action RPG lets you play as several different heroes, and level up as you made your way through the story of Z. The world map feels massive, and the grind to level up your characters is always satisfying. I love the unique art style of this game, and fun I had zapping little creatures with my energy blasts.

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We have the mightly Budokai 2! I loved the of characters you had to choose from. And how fun the arcade mode was beating the everloving snot out of Frieza over and over again. The story mode was also simply brilliant moving through the story of Z with the now-famous board game style of movement. Although some would argue that Budokai 3 had the better mechanics, if you overdosed on Budokai 2 when it came out then you might not have had much interest in Budokai 3.

The colour palette and animation on this game blew me away when I first played it, and it showed me what the PS2 was capable of. I thought that 2D fighter had peaked at the time, and nothing would really beat the style. The 3D team fighting is fantastic, and I love the small amount but unique moves each character has. The story mode levels are excellent as well, with tons of replayability with the different characters and different rating you can try out for. This is also a challenging game to master but feels totally worth it when you S rank all of the levels.

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So there you have my 5 personal favourites Dragon Ball Z games. This was never meant to be an objective or comprehensive list of Dragon Ball games. This was just meant to be a nostalgic collection of games that mean a lot to me personally. Bill has been a fan of Dragon Ball ever since he started watching Dragon Ball Z on Cartoon Network in the late '90s and hasn't looked back. He's always making websites in his spare time like this one you are reading now!

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Dragonball Z Tournament - Earlys Flash 4. Where to watch Dragon Ball? Top Lists Where to watch Dragon Ball? Does Jiren have Ultra Instinct? Jiren Does Jiren have Ultra Instinct? How old is Future Trunks? Future Trunks How old is Future Trunks?

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Why was Raditz so weak? Raditz Why was Raditz so weak? How Strong is Pikkon?

Dragonball z tournament video walkthrough

Pikkon How Strong is Pikkon? Is Pikkon Canon? Pikkon Is Pikkon Canon?

How old is Piccolo? Piccolo How old is Piccolo? What Episode does Bulma meet Vegeta? Vegeta What Episode does Bulma meet Vegeta? Can Beerus use Ultra Instinct? Beerus Can Beerus use Ultra Instinct?

Dragon ball z tournament

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Goku How old is Goku? Goku What episode does Goku go Ultra Instinct? Bulma How old is Bulma? General How to do a Kamehameha. Broly How tall is Broly?