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Cure My Addiction Ch. They considered this a serious problem and decided to do something about it. Finally, they came to the conclusion that I needed a change of scenery and made me leave the house! But soon I discovered that only women were on board, and Uncle was nowhere to be seen.

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The first one is t. Views 9, Downlo 1, File size 2MB. Cure My Addiction Ver. Cure My Addiction - Island Guide 0. My Cute Roommate Version 1.

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Walkthrough My Cute Roommate v1. Addiction By: [ protected] Enjoy Intro Yuri leaned against the wall as she took another puff from her cigarette.

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The first one is the main game screen. Images of who is on board the ship and if applicable what special actions they are involved with been spanked or playing sick.

To the far right the list of the current applicable punishment actions currently being used. Just under the people icons are five buttons that bring up addition information screens. Character info Curious where you are in achieving your goals, check the character stats. Chores The chores are track with stars just as events. Mouse overing uncompleted stars will give you some additional information on what needs to be done to get the star to turn gold. The chores are split into Cleaning chores and studing chores, which occur on various days.

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Mon, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday are study chore days. Wednesday and Saturday are cleaning chore days.

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Sunday is a day free of chores. Events The Events are a list of active, locked, and completer tasks represented by stars. Gold stars are completed events. It should be noted that at the top is a milestone with its own stars.

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Currently, if you mouse over a grey star it will bring up hints in the Tooltip area, under the milestone tracker. The hints vary from really useful to totally unintelligible. The Progression percentage is how far along you are to some concept of completion.

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Events can be Active currently can be worked onLocked not available to be worked onand Completed. When the MC unlocks a new event task, it will be moved to the active area and the stars in that event will become available. Help Allows you to get a brief help, change MC name, and turn on and off certain operational features of the game.

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Give the book to Emily and you can now have some fun with her. After you've started that event chain, wait for a cleaning chores day and mess up on one chore.

Rachel will send you to Susan for punishment and the scene will unlock the star. Note that femdom content must be ON. When Chloe is pretending to be ill, you can spank her.


Depends on when in the game. Early on Chloe will play sick, if you check her room at then you will see Linda checking her for a fever. You will also see a thermometer over the picture of Chloe, indicating that she is playing sick.

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Later in the game after Chloe has stopped pretending to be sickyou can trigger the last few stars by going to Linda and telling her that Chloe ask for her. You can then go at and peek or walking in to finish those stars. Aunt makes a mistake First time you get the event from Susan.

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Now you need to find sleeping pills: search Doc Office at Go talk to Susan. Wait for next dinner.

Go to sleep and wait for then go talk to Susan. Talk to Chloe and Emily about it, then Linda. Now you need to wait for the repeatable to be available. On the day Rachel miss the phone call, after dinner, go to the bridge and set the alarm then immediately go into the corridor. The next day, talk to Susan.

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Then you are in your room. Wait 1 hour, go into Rachel's room, disable the clock if you have found the flashlight by searching your bathroom take a peak. In the morning Then at For example some stars will become harder to achieve. Cure My Addiction walkthrough.

Drug addiction: Drug addiction 3, 1, 20KB. Walkthrough 74 4MB .

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