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The reason I'm asking this is because I never get a clear answer when reading on forums and since I want to jump into the series, I don't want to be put off by one of the games and give up on the series altogether. The fanbase isn't much better, as they are literally cut in between which game is the best, with all being opposites of each other. Person 1: Tales of Symphonia is one of the best Tales game, while Abyss is mediocre in its own right. Also, Abyss is amazing. Now, this might not be exactly word for word, but there is a general feeling I have when reading these posts on the games. So I'm asking you guys, and hope you don't slit each other's throats off.

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The Tales series has always downplayed the RPG tradition. Tales, which is extremely popular in Japan, does not penetrate the West like a franchise. For those unfamiliar with the series, Tales games feature real-time combat in the style of fighting games set in an RPG framework. However, good JRPG traditions still exist, with detailed character progression, epic stories, and interesting character casts. The most iconic of Tales games is a hotly debated topic, but most players VesperiaAnd we have to agree. The story is unrivaled, the fully unlocked combat system is profound, and many of the boring elements of other Tales games are streamlined.

This is a nearly perfect Tales game with great writing, unique characters and a wealth of content. However, as with many Tales games, you may feel that combat is nothing more than a button operation.

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This feature has appeared in almost every Tales game since its release. Unfortunately it is difficult to find. Tales of Berseria The latest in the series, just one year after its release Tales of Zestiria The two games actually play in the same universe, Zestiria It is set about 1, years after the event. It features some of the fastest and most striking character developments seen in the series. You play as Velvet, a young woman who only dreams of taking care of her sick brother Raiffyset.

One owns her arm and turns Velvet herself into a demon. Darker and slower than other Tales games, Berseria A shocking and inspiring game with the distinctive combat system of the series that backs up the story.

That said Tales of Symphonia Certainly the most symbolic. Released exclusively for GameCube in Europe and the United States Tales of Symphonia It quickly became the most popular title in the series and still holds the highest sales record. Thankfully, the cell shading art style is well matured and the original GameCube release maintains 60 frames per second. You can also buy a steam port for just a few dollars during most sales. The battles are fiercely fast paced, the characters are quirky and adorable, and the plots are pretty unique.

Is vesperia the best tales game?

While looking for a professor, medical student Jude Mathis happens to meet a military research facility with weapons of mass destruction called Lance in Cresnik. Matisse found at the facility is saved by Mira Maxwell. After destroying the weapon, choose to play as Milla or Jude and escape from the officials behind the Lance of Kresnik. This is a friendship-focused character story, not as big as other Tales games, but still a journey worth the trip.

Tales of Destiny The first title in the series, released in North America. Hybrid combat and characters were enough to attract a few new fans, Tales of Destiny Released for the original PlayStation in the same year. To tell Tales of Destiny It would be a conservative expression that the shadow was thin.

It was released only in Japan, but it was completely remade on PS2. Tales of Zestiria Released a year ago BerseriaAnd despite being one of the recent titles, is a return to the shape of the Tales series. Interesting story There are some beats, but the overall plot is a bit out of date. A powerful man, Sray, can see members of the spirit race known as Seraphim.

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These divine beings are core plot elements, but they are also core gameplay elements. Seraphim can be summoned to perform long-range arts during combat, and Srey can also be combined with Seraphim to unlock an entirely new set of movements. Tales of Xillia 2 Follow the events of the first game directly, but control another protagonist.

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The silent character you play, Ludger Klenik, can travel between parallel dimensions to balance the world he calls home. Xillia 2 It also provides an enhanced look for the cast of the characters in the first game. However, the expanded take of the story is a little over-extended.

Tales of ranking of all games you played

The game drops a lot along the way, with lots of backtracking and fetch quests. Still, Xillia 2 It features the same combat system as the first game, with an overall interesting plot line.

Tales of Phantasia Is the first game in the series and was originally released in exclusively for Super Nintendo in Japan. Fantasia Was praised for its unique combat method of breaking the turn-based battle tradition and adopting a fast, fluid real-time battle system. Fantasia Disappointed compared to the recent titles in the series. The characters are still interesting, but the plot feels stale and the combat system is underdeveloped. While Fantasia Feeling like a pioneer of the whole series, Hearts R It feels like one of the more modern entries.

Gamers of reddit(no spoilers), what is the best “tales of” game?

With a full 3D environment and free run in combat, it launches in a deep progression system, like the latest entry. That said, the story is quickly at a loss. As with all long-running JRPG series, the Tales franchise suffered from some misleading naming conventions in the early days. Buried identity Tales of Eternia Is an almost forgotten cast and story that will be reflected in the final product.

This is a great game, with all the features of the series, but far from some of the later entries. Legendia The ranking is very low. I should have looked to the future Legendia It relies on outdated features such as linear combat systems and archaic visuals. In the sequel, all the good points of the original have been lost and so nice features have been added. Compared to other popular table games Dawn of the New World It has low quality text and lifeless storytelling. You need to be prepared to ificantly lower your expectations.

Favorite tales game and why?

Both titles have been released only in Japan and are not expected to be ported. However, if you can read Japanese and import it, you can play it. Tales of Rebirth Released on PS2 in Tales of Symphonia, The game had a three-lane combat system and several other mechanics. Innocence The linear motion battle system of the work is kept as it is, and fine-tuned with Dimension Stride. Dimension Stride allows you to knock enemies into the air during combat and chase after them with aerial attacks. Now, get yoursterious work of art for the Tales of Top game rankings. References 1. Tales of Vesperia The most iconic of Tales games is a hotly debated topic, but most players VesperiaAnd we have to agree.

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What are arguably the best tales of games?

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